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International Association of Students In Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS) is a worldwide agricultural student organization founded in 1957 by 8 countries in Tunisia, and headquartered at Catholic University Belgian Leuveun. This organization is not bound by any government, international bodies, and has not interfered with political matters. The United Nations knows IAAS as a Non-Government Organization (NGO). IAAS has more than 42 member countries spread over four continents: Europe, Asia, America, and Africa. IAAS is a forum for agricultural students to realize aspirations through various activities in the agricultural sector. Through the program IAAS work, agricultural students are trained to hone their skills find a way out of the problems facing the world of agriculture. IAAS too facilitates the exchange of information for students in various countries.

The start of Indonesia's participation in IAAS activities was in 1991, during the 36th World Congress in Thailand. As an international student organization, IAAS Indonesia follows the policies and rules of IAAS World. However, IAAS Indonesia also has its Basic Guidelines and Household Guidelines, because we are directly under the Directorate of Higher Education which is included in the Association of Similar Student Organizations (IOMS). IAAS Indonesia is a forum for Indonesian agricultural students to explore their disciplines and hone their professions through national and international-minded activities. IAAS Indonesia is a functional structural organization with a system of non-collective leadership where the ultimate power lies with the National Committee with general responsibility for National Director for national and the Local Committee Director at the local level.

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta began to know IAAS since 2019, with the invitation of UMY in NATCON XXVI at the Brawijaya University, Malang. At that time, UMY was interested in joining IAAS and the committee was asked to present the profile of UMY. For announcements whether accepted or not as a candidate member, waiting for the results of the IAAS meet internally. Over time, as a manifestation of UMY's intention to become a full member of IAAS Indonesia and without prejudice to respect, UMY had the opportunity to present their readiness to become a Local Committee on the XXV NATCON agenda UNPAD. On occasion After that, the UMY Local Committee was accepted as a full member of IAAS Indonesia in 2020.